The dream I had was for a friend who had been struggling with major health issues for years. She had severe heel pain and hadn’t been able to walk for months. She’d been doing all the right things with diet, treatments and so on only to feel she was getting worse.

The dream: There was a couple visiting a pond with gorgeous fish swimming around. The sign said: “Look, but don’t touch.” Her husband grabbed a beautiful purplish blue fish. His wife said, “We’re not supposed to touch the fish!” He didn’t listen. Her heart sank at this blatant disrespect of the fish. When her husband left she saw a purse floating in the water. She picked it up and inside was the fish he had grabbed. It was upside down looking sick. The woman put her back in the water hoping she could heal.

When I checked the dream it was clear that the fish was the woman feeling disrespected and unheard. She shared with me that her husband had been disrespecting her pleas to honor her body. I had a shiver run over my body as I thought this relationship could be making her sick. The color of the fish was purple and blue. Purple symbolizes wisdom, dignity, power, prosperity and independence. Blue symbolizes trust, confidence, and healing. I remembered the purse too, symbolizing prosperity. Fish is also a symbol of abundance, but in this case the purse was damp and had a sick fish in it instead of money. This woman’s business had also declined since being with this man.

The healing: The first thing that showed up from my clearing sheets was a traumatized energy field in the area of love. My spirit team and hers worked to heal that. The next thing was karma clearing for the two of them. The message came through for her to set clear boundaries and limits, which is never easy to do with someone you love, especially if one party isn’t cooperating.

During the session she remembered a friend telling her that the remedy for heel pain is to put your foot down. She realized that she’d never felt safe in her body with this man. He’d come home and her whole body had a fight or flight response. She’d been forcing herself to have sex with someone who wasn’t kind to her. He always complained about not having enough sex even though she was doing everything she could to give him sex. Her friend said, “When you’re with someone who cares about you, it’s not only about the sex.” She decided to take her health back by honoring her body by asking him to honor her when she wasn’t able to have sex. Her husband became even more disrespectful, verbally putting her down and threatening her. This confirmed her suspicion that this man just isn’t someone with whom she could feel peaceful. She knew she didn’t deserve to be disrespected. Even the counselor was pleading with her husband to have compassion and treat her with kindness. Although she was terrified about being able to live on her own and sad that all of her efforts didn’t work to make the marriage work, she listened to her soul and ended the marriage. She prayed to her angels and guides giving gratitude for this man reflecting to her how she’d been treating herself and gratitude for her body’s mess,ages. She asked that the universe support her and the perfect place showed up for her that she can afford. She knows she will be able to regain her health being out of the toxic marriage and that the prosperity will follow as she honors herself. She said, “I’ve not felt this peaceful in years.”