I had a dream for a client who was feeling heavy energy for a couple of weeks. In the dream she was looking forward to having a day all to herself in her home. When she walked out of her bedroom she saw strangers were in her house. They were everywhere. They couldn’t hear her nor would they give her any answers as to how they got in and why in the world they thought this was a place for them to be. She wanted to be kind and didn’t want to ruin their plans for their stay, but then realized she was resenting them because she needed her house void of people and wanted peace back. After being unheard for so long, she decided to do whatever it took to get her peace back. She walked up to each group of people and kindly but firmly told them to leave. At each attempt her voice became stronger and more audible. More people heard her before she had even reached them.

When I spoke to my client on the phone she said could completely relate. Sometimes when there a many beings in our home in a dream, it can mean that our own energy needs to be cleared. I could feel all of the energies that needed to be cleared out of her space as soon as I started the session. What showed up first was a portal to be cleared. My dear friend Dr. Colleen McCann had told me about them a while back. When a portal is present, our energy field can be infiltrated with many different unwanted energies all at once, thus preventing us from thinking clearly and feeling well.

My client had a portal in her energy body and with the help of our spirit helpers it was able to be sealed.

We also cleared entities. Her ex-husband was also in her field.

There was a past life where she was royalty and got married and her ex-husband took her money. She told me that that is what has been happening now. She’d been replaying the past pattern with him. We ran a forgiveness shower which looks like a blue green waterfall of light. This forgiveness for what he had done was helping her clear her throat chakra as the woman in the dream could not be heard. When we spoke I felt a constriction in the throat. That signifies that the throat chakra could be stifled.

She also had an energetic mask that needed to be removed around pleasing everyone. Lastly, we broke a vow of silence. She felt so much better after we cleared her and is moving into her life free from that heavy energy.