People usually ask me how they can stop having bad dreams. I know that feeling of being haunted by a nightmare or unpleasant dream. You are left feeling exhausted from what happened. You wonder why you had it and what there is to do about it.
What if I told you bad dreams can be a good thing? Now I’m going to tell you that if you have a lot of sugar before bed, you could have the craziest dreams. I don’t recommend eating sugar before bed for one. The dreams I’m talking about are not chemically induced by sugar. I’m just talking about regular bad dreams. They are actually a sign that we are healing and releasing old wounds and traumatic emotions. We process what we can in dreamtime as that is the best time to heal so that we can function in the waking hours without being plagued by dealing with our emotions. Because you might wake up in a panic from what is being processed, you might naturally want to stop having them. My work of dream healing is based on this as I too believe that working with our dreams can help us have the happiness and the life we want because we change from the inside out by diving in to analyze our dreams and ask spirit for help deciphering and healing anything that is ready to be healed. I
am currently reading Medical Medium Thyroid Healing by Anthony William. In his chapter on sleep he says, “The dreams that challenge you are doing you a great service as your body heals during slumber. They are not a punishment or judgment. They are helping you to become your best self.”
Welcome the bad dreams too.