The dream I had for a client of mine was where she was on a beach. She looked up and saw a huge wave coming. She immediately did a hand stand, some children grabbed her legs and helped her walk all along the beach in celebration of this wave. When I told my client about the dream she said she used to be a gymnast. I explained to her that the wave can symbolize cleansing of energy, emotional release, abundance flowing in and help from the spirits of the ocean. She loved all of these possible meanings because she has been working towards prosperity in her work and has been welcoming healing after a long bout of avoiding her inner work. The fact that she was walking on her hands was a symbol of embracing healing, and becoming open to having fun and experiencing joy with her work. She also loved inviting help from the spirits of the ocean.  When we openly embrace healing it is much easier for our angels and spirit helpers to do their work. Most people avoid or do not even know that there is healing to do. Therefore, we need to seek out what is in the way of us having what we want. Too often we think our luck is bad or we are not deserving of what we want. Spirit came through to give her a cleansing and then went to work to give her a boost in her prosperity. I saw she had been carrying a vow of poverty from many past lifetimes where she was cast out of the village from being a healer, which back then they called a witch. In this lifetime she has been drawn to Shamanic healing and is stepping into her own by performing group ceremony for her circle of women who are drawn to her. If you would like to receive healing from spirit or an upgrade in abundance, simply ask your spirit helpers for help.

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