Have you ever had a dream of being with an ex or seeing one in a dream? You think, “Wait! No! I’m not with this person anymore and I don’t want to be with this person. Why am I dreaming about him/her?”

Depending on how the relationship was terminated, it can be jarring to have one of these dreams. I’ve had my fair share of these types of dreams and have learned to ask spirit if there is energy that needs to be cleared. We can try to ignore these dreams as just dreams and nothing else, but run the risk of missing out on valuable healing and clearing the energy between the two of you that is calling for attention. Paying no heed to these dreams will also make for a grumpy you as the emotions that linger from the content of these dreams can be quite disconcerting.

For my client, it took her three dreams in a row of similar a feeling with an ex, to pay attention to these recurring dreams. These dreams consisted of similar situations where she felt left out, abandoned and that she was the odd ball out. The morning that she had her session, I too had a similar dream.

When I spoke with my client, she said she didn’t know why these dreams were coming one after the other and why they bothered her so much as she wasn’t with her ex anymore and doesn’t want to be with him. I told her that there may be some energy needing to be cleared between the two of them. One thing that’s been showing up lately in my work has been this thing called psychological genetic code, where mental and emotional patterns from our family lineage can be running the show in our mental and emotional states of thinking. These emotions put off a vibration that signals more of the same to wreak havoc in our lives. I found a way to heal these.

I asked if this had anything to do with these dreams and, sure enough, it showed up for her. She had inherited a sense of abandonment and low self esteem from her family lineage. It was a recurring theme in her lineage, especially with the women in the family. Carrying this psychological genetic code has attracted many situations that produced the same feelings of abandonment and rejection throughout her life. She thought something was wrong with her. Nope!  My client just needed to heal this and not have to carry this anymore. As she heals, her lineage and children receive the healing as well.

As we asked what was needed to heal this genetic code, she received healing along with gifts from spirit to fill the void with a new high vibrational light of a new genetic code of worthiness. The colors I saw were brilliant and took my breath away. I was so happy that she reached out to me for help as I love what happens in our outer lives as a result of paying attention to our dreams.