A client of mine wanted help to let herself be seen and really go for her career goals. She had been feeling like she was procrastinating on projects she knows will help make the world a better place and needed help getting started. She had also wanted help for establishing boundaries around the people in her life who weren’t treating her well.
The dream I had was where there was a young woman in a foreign country in what looked like a cell. She had been placed there by her family and was eating out of a bowl on the floor with her hands. Her mother walked in and told her to eat so she could be plump for her husband as she had been sold to his family.
The young woman looked miserable and felt helpless. She reminded me of a student I had when I was teaching in the district. She put up with so much mistreatment in her family and with her friends.
I was appalled when I awoke as this was inhumane treatment of a person. This was, though, how many families did things in the past. My client resonated with feeling like she has to do what she’s told and not rock the boat. She felt like she had to settle for less in life in all areas.
While she knew starting her projects would help her get to a place of having what she wants and needs, she felt stuck in fear. She put up with horrible treatment from the people in her life and was willing to accept better for herself.

We cleared her energy and old energies stuck in her DNA. She felt lighter and ready to take the first step toward her project. She sent me a message that she had started speaking up for herself when people said something or did something that was not ok with her. She said, “I don’t recognize what’s coming out of my mouth.”