I have a friend who always reminds herself of this, “When my happiness is determined by what others do, I have a problem.” This was huge for me when healing from a break up. When we spend most of our time caring for and focusing our attention outward, we lack boundaries that help us stay true to what we need. We’re buys all the time. The color leaves our face and the light behind our eyes is nowhere to be found. It happens to all of us at one time or another. To get ourselves back to feeling radiant, there needs to be a commitment to putting ourselves first. It’s not easy if you’re a giving, healing, generous person and want everyone to be well. With focus and dedication it is possible to make a big shift in our love lives. I’ve been helping my clients get there one on one and now in our group coaching program called Radiant Woman in Love and have seen great results!
My client wanted to bring back connection and passion in her relationship of nine years. She had been having trouble focusing on self-love and self-care due to this year bringing so many challenges with her family.  She had signed up for our Heal Your Heart in 7 Days online program and on the third day she had already had a huge shift. I had walked the ladies through some shamanic clearing and meditations and my partner Nina Mercie provided cognitive behavioral work, in the evening the days before. Luckily, we recorded everything because I don’t remember what came out of us. It was some version of pay attention to you.
We were so happy when she shared this, “I am loving the program!!! I have noticed this week, that the more attention I give to myself, the more attention my husband gives me. One day he asked me if he wanted me to go pick up food and I said ok. The when I was ready for the day it changed into, let’s walk over and find a place to eat and we had a nice lunch, conversation and closeness, which led to passion.”