I had a dream for a client who knew she needed something, but wasn’t quite sure what that was. The dream that showed up for her can help anyone who has been wanting to move forward into expressing themselves more fully, being heard where others haven’t been listening and clearing the throat chakra.

I saw a woman in a spiritual building about to sing a song, like karaoke. She didn’t know her song and was really nervous. Have you ever felt like you want to share your gifts with the people who need you and feel stuck? In this room, everyone was on a list in order that they would perform their song. The woman saw her name on it about five people down, so she knew there was still time to decide on her song and practice. She went into the next room and looked into the mirror.  WARNING… the Shamanic healing starts here…They’re usually kind of gross. I’ll leave out the extreme graphics. This work is never boring.

She started coughing and something that looked like the end of a rope appeared in her mouth. She started pulling it. It looked like tripe from a bowl of Pho soup. It was so long it took a while to release until the root of it was finally out. I could tell it had been enmeshed in her organs throughout her entire body and had been clogging her throat chakra. It was as large as a table.

After this was released, she returned to the room to ask the teacher what that tripe looking thing was. The teacher couldn’t hear her and had no time for her. This tells me that she is not being fully heard and this is a feeling of frustration and powerlessness that can come when our throat chakra is blocked. She was panicked and felt disregarded. If you feel this, ask your spirit team to help you release your tripe thingy.

When these things are placed inside of us, either by foreign entities or subconsciously self-imposed, trying to keep us from being our brightest light, people won’t fully hear the messages that come out of us. This can also make boundary setting extremely frustrating.

While our spirit teams cleared a lot in the dream itself, there was an energetic clearing to be done. We did clearing, Reiki and color therapy. Once we were complete, she felt like she got exactly what she needed as she’d been having trouble with some friends who weren’t taking her seriously while trying to share her ideas. She felt hopeful to be able to be heard clearly moving forward. She shared how much better she felt and went on with her day.